1. There will be times when you’ll be derailed and eat a bunch of Syns breaking your diet plan. And it’s okay, you’re forgiven. So long as you can get back on track and wipe away the sweet residue of those indulgences sticking on your face.
2. And you can always count on the people at your group to totally understand what you’re going through because they will be some of the most kind sincere, and wonderful people you’ll ever meet.
3. Searching #SlimmingWorld over google or instagram will make you realize that there are thousands of people out there undergoing the same process and that you are not alone. You will discover bizarrely valuable website and pages that cater the topic.
4. Instead of entertainment or sports magazine, the Month Issues of Slimming World that comes in pink and white are displayed in your living area or all over the house even.
5. Your kitchen cupboards will become a sea of Mug Shots, mushy peas, and passata.
6. People will see you as a fool if you discard Avocadoes as not part your healthy eating.
7. People can’t wrap their mind around the idea of you, with get slim goal, can eat an unlimited amount of pasta, rice, potatoes etc.
8. You’re ecstatic getting a sticker in your group. Sure, anyone can get a merit in school for a test aced, but not everyone can lose half a stone at will.
9. You can still eat chips! Not the ones from McDonalds, and not the ones drowning in bucket-loads of full-fat mayonnaise and melted cheese, mind you.
10. You appreciate the taste and value of Hi – Fi Bars. You can even have two for dessert if you optimize your food right.
11. Scan Bran is 100% the worst food you could ever eat. Does it even help your digestion?
12. You have all the right to rant when during a meeting with your group you find out that you’ve sustained your weight or worse, gained when all this time you thought you’ve reduced the scale.