Steak & Onion Pie – 3 syns EE – Serves 4

EE = 3
2 red onions
2 garlic cloves
Fry Light
800g lean diced beef/steak
1 level tbsp. instant smash (i used tesco value)
Lemon Thyme (fresh is best)
1 bay leaf
¼ pint beef stock made with bovril
¼ pint waterSeasoning
9oz/255g mushrooms
1 egg or fry lite butter
2 sheets filo pastry

Preheat oven 200/400/Gas mark 6. Slice onions, crush garlic Fry Light for 3-4 min. Cut the steak into cubes add beef/steak to pan with 1tbsp instant mash, move around pan quickly so it doesn’t catch for about 1-2 mins
Add thyme, bay leaf, stock, seasoning and ¼ pint water.
Quarter mushrooms, dry fry and add to pan.
Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 1½ hours. Set aside to cool.
Divide the beef mixture between 4 individual pie dishes.
Halve two filo sheets, scrunch up and place each 1/2 over pies, baste with a bit of egg or I just sprayed some butter fry lite over top, bake for 30 mins
Serve with SW chips, mushrooms and tomatoes

This is an old SW Mag recipe from summer 2003.

the original recipe calls for 1 sheet filo per pie, at 6 syns a sheet, i used half sheet per pie making the pies 3 syns each

also 1tbsp cornflour i used 1tbsp instant mash