Serves 2
1Tsp Garlic salt
1 Tsp Aromat
1 Tsp Dried parsley
2 Eggs
2 1.5cmThick Pork loin (ff)
2 Slices of stale 800g wholemeal bread (2 Heb/2=1 Heb or 6 syns per person)
In a food processor, reduce the bread to breadcrumbs, put in a microwave dish & cook until crisp (about 5 mins)
On a solid board, place the pork, cover with Clingfilm, and reduce in thickness to 1 cm by using a meat hammer or rolling pin.
In one bowl crack the eggs& whisk, set aside.
In another bowl add the breadcrumbs, garlic salt, Aromat, parsley & S&P
Heat a large frying pan.
Dip the first pork loin into the egg then the breadcrumbs, return it to the egg & dip again, and then into the breadcrumbs, then place into the pan, repeat with the other loin. Cook for about 5 mins turning from time to time, if you have a digital thermometer check the meat is cooked 150-160C.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book