I cant always eat much more than cereal when I first wake up in the morning so made this breakfast quiche which I thought would be ideal to make the night before then take into work & eat first thing.

3 Eggs
Half a tin of baked beans
Quarter of a tin of tinned chopped tomatoes
A few mushrooms cut into chunks
2 Potatoes, sliced.

Beat the egg in the casserole dish & add the baked beans, tomatoes & mushrooms. Mix all together & oven bake for around 30 minutes on gas mark 6.
While that’s cooking put the sliced potatoes in salted water & in the microwave for 6 minutes to soften them.
Add them to the top of the quiche filling & sprinkle them with black pepper.
Cook for a further 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes are golden brown.

For an even yummier version add bacon & syn free sausages for extra flavour