Serves 2
1 Onion, finely chopped (s) (sff)
1 Red pepper, sliced (s) (sff)
2 Tbsp. Schwartz perfect shake (for chicken, herb & spice)
100g Macaroni (ff)
400g Chopped tomato (s) (sff)
400g Mixed beans with chilli sauce (ff)
450g Chicken thighs (s) (ff)
S & P
Cut the chicken into chunks, season with the spice, cook in a frying pan, sprayed with frylight, until the chicken is white in colour, add the onion & pepper, cook until soft.
Add the beans, tomatoes, and macaroni & season well.
Bring to the boil then cover & simmer for 20-25 mins until the macaroni is cooked.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book