How delicious are brownies and they are usually so mega high in syns there is no way you could make them slimming world friendly but you can : ) I couldn’t believe these could be so good and so chocolately for so few syns. Soooo easy to make too just a few ingredients and you make them in the microwave too!……
100g all bran or high bran cereal
25g cocoa powder
4 tbsp splenda (or low syn sweetener)
2 large eggs
6 floz boiling water
Put the all bran cereal in a bowl and add the boiling water mix well and leave for 10 minutes. Mix again and beat in the eggs, sweetener and cocoa and mix very well.
Place the mixture in a preferably silicone square dish but if you don’t have one put in a ceramic dish but line with baking paper first, DO NOT use a foil tray or tin as its cooked in the microwave. Microwave for 6 minutes and leave to sit for 2 minutes after this. When it comes out leave to cool and cut into 6 generous portions.
I served it with some fat free greek yogurt and it was gorgeous!!
3 syns per portion
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