I love this recipe and its really easy to make. It’s basically an egg custard and then sugar is put on top after the custard is cooked and then grilled until its melted then it sets hard. They are delicious and taste really naughty when they are really not too bad for syns.
Ingredients: (makes 6)
400ml 1% milk
2tsp vanilla essence
4 large free range eggs
4 tbsp granulated sweetener
12 tsp sugar
In a large jug whisk together the eggs, milk, vanilla and sweetener. Put six individual ramekins (or you can use small heatproof coffee cups) in a baking tin or ovenproof dish then fill each ramekin up with the mixture.
If you put the ramekins in first it means you don’t have to move very full ramekins!
Pour hot water all around the ramekins until halfway up the sides then carefully place the dish in the oven at gas 5/190/375 and bake for 30-40 minutes until you can see the custard has set. (See pictures)
Take the ramekins out of the dish and leave to cool, When cold sprinkle each custard evenly with 2 tsp of sugar and then place under a very hot grill until the top caramelizes and bubbles.
Leave till cool then dig in and crack the lovely caramel top.
WARNING if you make these and caramelise the top they need to be eaten straight away . If you want to make them last a few days (and they will keep about 5 days ) then keep the custards covered in clingfilm in the fridge and just do the topping as you want them.
If you use your milk from your B choice then they are 2 syns each
If you use milk as syns then they are approximately 3 1/2 syns each.
Credit : http://vicki-kitchen.blogspot.com