Serves 2
2 60g Crunchy Cobs (7.5 syns) or 60g Wholemeal Cob (1Hea)
2 Rashers of smoked bacon, finely chopped (ff)
2 Eggs, whipped (ff)
60g Emmental Cheese, grated (2Hea/2= 1Hea)
S & P
Cut the top off the cob, and then hollow out until all that’s left is a thin walled shell.
Pre-heat the oven to 180C.
Spray the inside of the cob with frylight & cook for 10 mins. Remove & allow to cool for a minute or two.
In the meantime cook in a frying pan, the bacon until cooked, break 1 egg into the pan & whisk until the egg start to set, add the other egg & repeat, mix well with the bacon, season well, remove from the heat.
Share the bacon & egg mix between the cobs, press well into the cob, then share the cheese between the cobs, return to the oven for another 10 mins, remove & eat while hot.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book