Serves 4
*1 Kiwi fruit, peeled & cut into slices (s)
1 Tbsp. (15g) Sainsbury’s “dried sweetened coconut” (3.5 syns total), (less than 0.5 syn per portion)
*1 Banana, cut into rings
*4 Strawberries, Hulled & sliced into circles (s)
*4 Blueberries cut into half
**18cm Watermelon, cut in half then sliced (s)
*= Or fruit of your choice
**= Or use a larger size watermelon for more portions
Cut the top & tail off the Kiwi fruit, peel with a potato peeler, then cut into rings, hull the strawberries, then cut into rings, peel & cut the banana, cut the blueberries in half, set aside.
Cut the watermelon in half then cut a slice approx. 15-20mm thick.
Cover with the fruit then cut into 8 slices, sprinkle with the coconut. Chill before serving.