Sainsbury Extra Lean Steak Mince (ff)
Per 100g
Sat Fat=5.6g
Sugar= trace
2 Small Onions (s)(sff)
!/2 packet (125g) Instant Mash

Place 150g of meat in a dry frying pan and cook out any remaining fat. Add one onion chopped fine, season with salt & pepper, When browned add ½ tsp of Bovril,1/2 cup water and a few splashes of Worcester sauce, reduce liquid then allow to cool.

Add 125g of Instant Mash to a bowl and add one chopped onion, mixed herbs and hot water and mix to a bread doe.
Lay out a sheet of cling film and place ½ the mixture to it and cover over with a top layer of Clingfilm, using a rolling pin, rollout until about 6mm thick. Cut to make two pieces to size of pasties.

Grease a flat tray with Fry light and hand wipe across the complete surface.
Peel back the top layer of Clingfilm and using the bottom Clingfilm lift and turn over placing the mix on to the cooking tray, remove top layer of Clingfilm and you should have a layer of mix on the tray,
Add a layer of cool meat and cover with other ½ of the mix, crimp edges and egg wash.
Repeat with the remaining mix.
Place in a hot oven on 170/180 for about 15 mins or until browned.
Enjoy with a salad or baked beans and an egg!