Serves 2
1 Tbsp. Butter (5.5/2= syns per person)
2 Medium size onions, finely sliced (s)
60g Strong cheddar (2 Hea/2= 1Hea per person)
450g Maris Piper potatoes, finely sliced S & P


Spray a thick walled frying pan with frylight, add the butter, melt the butter then remove from the heat.
Add a layer of the finely sliced potato to cover the pan, season well, add a layer of onions, then a layer of cheese.
Repeat, finishing with a layer of cheese.
Return the pan to the heat, cover & cook on a medium to low heat for 30 mins.
Pre-heat the oven grill, remove the pan from the heat, uncover, add any remaining cheese & grill until the cheese has all melted.