2tbsp Mango chutney (4syns =0.28 syn per prune)
100g (14) Prunes de-stoned (4syns =0.28syn per prune)
Smoked bacon (all fat removed) (ff)
Cocktail sticks
Cut each bacon rasher into 4 pieces, removing any fat.
Place a prune on a cutting board, flatten using a pastry knife & using a sharp knife slice each prune ½ way through along its length, fold back & add enough chutney to coat the prune then place the prune on to the bacon so that the cut end is placed in the centre so when it’s folded the bacon covers the cut end. (Soak your cocktail sticks in water before use to stop them burning.)
Secure with a cocktail stick, make as many as you need.
Pre heat the grill, place the “devils” In a heat-proof shallow dish and place under grill, cook until the bacon is cooked, eat hot or cold.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book