1 pack of cheesy smash (the little one that serves 3)
1 pack of cheese and broccoli Batchelors pasta n sauce
1 tub of quark
3 eggs

Optional extra: HEXa 42g crumbled feta, handful of wilted spinach

Put smash and pasta n sauce in large mixing bowl and give a little mix
Pour water on top enough to cover everything and stir

When moist, add quark and stir in again
Add eggs slowly, stirring all the time
If you have big bowl of slimy goop right now, you have done this right!!

Add your additional ingredients, this could be cooked bacon bits, ham, a HEX of Laughing Cow Light, you could top with HEX of grated cheddar, cooked broccoli, mushrooms, flaked salmon. I like to take a handful of spinach, squirt with fry light and wilt, then stir into mixture with handful of crumbled feta (HEXa 42g)

Bake in oven for 30 mins on 190. It will rise and be all souffle-like and tastes a bit like a greggs pasty but without the pastry.

If you don’t want additional ingredients, pie will still be awesome, the basic recipe is the top part, you can be as inventive as you want!

Brilliant with a salad or even some baked beans. I like SW chips and mushy peas, thank you very much. It’s even nice cold the next day with some salad in your lunchbox for work! And the best part?
ONE SYN (plus your optional HEX) FOR ENTIRE PIE ON GREEN OR EE!!