Serves 2

1 Onion, finely chopped (s) (sff)
1 bell pepper, thinly sliced (sw) (sff)
1 chilli, deseeded & thinly sliced (s) (sff)
1tbsp Oyster Sauce (1 syn/2=1/2 syn each person)
1tbsp Light soy sauce
2 medium sized Eggs, lightly beaten (ff)
2 spring onions, finely chopped (s) (sff)
120g/cup frozen peas (ss) (ff)
120g/cup of pre-cooked rice (ff)
100g—-150g Pre-cooked meat sliced (ff)
Heats a wok, sprayed with Fry Light, when hot, add the eggs, using chop sticks beat until scrambled, when cooked remove from the wok and set aside.
Wipe the wok out, spray again with Fry Light, reduce the heat to medium and cook the onions, pepper, chilli, pre-cooked meat & peas for a few minutes then set aside.
Spray the wok again with Fry Light, add the rice, the eggs, soy sauce & oyster sauce, season with salt & pepper & cook until hot.
Return the meat & veg to the wok, mix well and cook for 5 mins until cooked.
Serve with a side salad.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book