This is adapted from the ‘Gok cooks Chinese’ book again, slightly adapted to make it slimming world friendly. One of Goks  BEST tips in this book and makes this egg fried rice so wonderful is that is is important to use cold, dry rice so I usually cook it the day before and use it from the fridge. (Have been known to freeze it too and use from frozen)  I LOVE egg fried rice and if you wanted you could add some prawns or cooked chicken (or both!)  and it would be a meal in itself.  I use the boil in the bag rice as its quick and easy no measuring etc. This recipe makes loads so feel free to halve it if you’d rather but it is very nice reheated the next day too.
2 x 125g boil in the bag rice (cooked)
6oz frozen peas
4 spring onions (sliced)
2 eggs ( beaten with some salt and pepper)
spray oil
3 tbsp light soy sauce
Heat up the wok (or large frying pan) and spray with oil, Add the beaten eggs and whisk through to make a sort of broken omelette, Add the cooked rice and stir fry for a few minutes, add the peas and spring onions and stir fry again for a few minutes. Keep everything moving and keep turning and stirring to mix it all up well.
Once everything is hot and well mixed (using the cold rice helps it to not stick together too much) add the soy sauce and again mix well, Taste for seasoning sometimes I like to use a little more soy sauce.
Enjoy!! (Syn free on slimming world extra easy plan)