Vicki Smith, from Horninglow, constantly fought against her overweight figure for 19 years. Her unbalanced nutrition also caused her a lot of health issues.
” I felt trapped in a body that couldn’t do the things I needed it to do.” she confessed.
The mum of one girl joined Slimming World in August of 2015 and the transformation of her eating habits has began. She opted for fresh, homemade dishes instead of choosing less healthy instant meals. After some time of optimizing her food the weight started to drop.
“It is great to feel normal again and to not be constantly stared at. I have gained so much confidence and enjoy things like clothes shopping which I didn’t do before.
She decided on trying Slimming World when she saw a neighbor has gained success with the same Plan.
Hesitant at first due to the demanding responsibilities with her daughter, she soon found her rhythm with the support of her co-members.
By becoming slimmer, she was now able to parent her child actively.
She said: “My health previously was not good. I had swollen legs, was out of breath, constantly feeling fatigued, now I can run around after my little girl, go to soft play and not worry about getting stuck, sit in a car and not be concerned I’m sitting on some else’s knee.
She admitted that she feels great being normal again and not have eyes always locked on her. She has gained so much confidence and enjoys shopping for clothes which she wasn’t able to do years ago.
She said: “It is a big year for me next year, I will be 40 and my little girl will be going to school so I am actually looking forward to the New Year.
To reach her weight target and to raise her fitness up a higher level are the things she aim for this 2017.
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