27 Syns in total/24 made just over 1 Syn each
1 Pack of Options (Belgium Chocolate) (2 syns)
3 level tbsp. of nutella (12 syns)
5 scan bran (5 syns)
25g Mixed nuts (8 syns)
Warm water
Place the scan bran & nuts into a food blender and reduce to small pieces. Place in a glass bowl & mix.
Place 3 level tbsp. of nutella into a microwave proof dish and microwave for 30 secs (600w), remove and add warm water as required to make a paste.
Add the scan bran and mix until the liquid has been totally absorbed.
Using a plastic spatula scrap a small portion of the mix & shape into balls.
Place on a tray and place into the fridge to chill. When cold remove from the fridge and roll in the contents of a packet of “options” Belgium chocolate! Rechill if required.
Enjoy and remember total syns are 27 and I made 24 of them! Just over 1 Syn each.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book