1 pack of Sainsbury’s filo pastry (makes 36 pies) (0.8 syns per pie)
1 Egg (ff)
1tbsp Milk
Pack of Low Low Cheese slices (2 syns per slice)
In a small bowl mix the egg & milk together, set aside.
Preheat the oven to 180C.
Cut a piece of greaseproof paper to fit a metal ovenproof tray, spray with a fine coating of frylight.
On a clean, cool surface place the filo sheets on top of each other & cut into 3 strips about 10cm wide, place all the slices on top of each other, remove one and cover the others with a damp cloth.
Working quickly, brush the filo with the egg wash mix, then remove one cheese slice from it’s wrapping, fold diagonally, place at the bottom of the strip & fold the filo diagonally to enclose the cheese & form a triangle, press down & fold again, continue until the end is reached, place on the greaseproof paper & egg wash. Continue until the tray is full.
Cook for approx. 10 mins, remove from the oven & turn the filo over, egg wash & cook for a further 10 mins until cooked & nicely browned, remove & allow to cool.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book