Makes 24
1.5 syns per tart
1 Bag of frozen summer fruits (ss) (sff)
1 Pack of Jus-Rol Filo pastry (6 sheets 48x25cms) (36 syns per pack)
1×12 section tart tray
1 Tub of Fromage Frais (ff)
Defrost the filo & summer fruits.
When defrosted, open the filo and lay out on a flat slab,
Lay out like an A4 sheet of paper, cut in half across the middle, left to right.
Put the two half on top of each other, cut in half again, this time top to bottom, place the two halves on top of each other, now cut again, left to right & you now have 48 small pieces approx. 12 x 12 cm each.
Cover with a damp cloth when using to keep the filo damp.
Spray the tray with frylight & place 1 layer of filo in each tart section, spray that layer & place a second layer on top, shape to the contours of the tray.
In an oven heated to 180C cook the cases for 8-10 until golden brown, remove & allow to cool.
Place 2tbsp of fruit in each tart.
In a bowl mix 2tbsp of fromage frais with 2tbsp of sweetener, mix well & place 1tsp on each tart.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book