During the winter, some of us probably gained a little weight.

Between the lack of activity due to quarantine and a newfound passion for baking, your favorite pants might be a little tighter than usual.

Whether it is to lose the extra pounds or be healthy, physical activity is essential to the proper functioning of our body.

It is therefore always a good idea to integrate it into your daily life. For this, we present in this article 10 essential exercises to do at home.

To sculpt and redesign your body, there is nothing better than sports. To perform these exercises, all you need is a mat and a good dose of motivation!

  1. Side Plank

The side plank is an exercise that allows you to work your abdominals in depth, therefore ideal for losing belly. To do this, just lie on your side.

Keep your feet straight and lean on your elbow and the balls of your feet to lift your body off the floor.

Hold this position for 1 minute before doing the same on the other side.

  1. The chair exercise

Contrary to what its name suggests, this exercise only requires a wall for optimal sheathing of your body, especially your abs and thighs.

To do this, stand up with your back to the wall.

Then, lower slowly as if you were going to sit on an imaginary chair and stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Hold the movement for 1 minute, then slowly return to the initial position.

  1. Push-ups

Push-ups are a regular exercise for working your muscles, and are particularly effective for sculpting your upper body.

To perform them correctly, lie down facing the ground and contract your abs to keep your back straight during the movement.

Push with your arms while inhaling, then return to your initial position while exhaling. If classic push-ups are too difficult for you, you can use your knees instead of your feet. Perform 5 push-ups before moving on to the next exercise.

  1. The Plank

The plank is an exercise that will work your abs.

Lie face down and rest on your elbows and feet.

Hold this position for 30 seconds, making sure your body is fully sheathed.

  1. The climber

This intense cardio exercise will help you target all areas of your body to shed those extra pounds.

Get on the floor in a plank position and bring your right foot inward into your body.

Once in position, bring your left foot back while bringing your right foot back to the starting position. Perform this movement for 1 minute for intense work.

  1. The Bridge

This exercise is essential for a sculpted butt. Lie on the floor with your back to the mat.

Bend your legs so they are perpendicular to your body, then lift your pelvis skyward using your hips to perform this exercise. Do 5 reps.

  1. Arm Circle

The arm circle is a simple but effective exercise to combat fat accumulation in this area.

To do this, stand up with your back straight. Extend your arms out to the sides, then twist them around in a circle. Perform this movement for 30 seconds.

  1. Squats

Squats are an essential exercise for your lower body. To do this, stand up straight, tighten your abs and gradually lower your body by pushing your pelvis backwards, as if you were going to sit on a chair.

Try to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and make sure your knees don’t go over your toes. Perform 5 repetitions.

  1. The step

For this exercise, you will have to face a stair step.

Just start below the step, put your right foot on it before lifting your left leg, then return to the initial position.

Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds before performing it with the opposite foot.

  1. Forward Lunges

This last exercise will allow you to work your thighs. Stand up straight before stepping one leg forward.

This must be bent at 90°. Return to the initial position before performing the same movement with your opposite leg.

Repeat this movement 5 times on each side.