Muscle and firm your glutes, at home and without equipment, it’s possible! Discover the most effective exercises to refine the lower body and the good advice to follow for a nice silhouette!

For Alex Silver-Fagan, coach for Nike, beautiful legs and beautiful glutes are obtained by doing squats. These exercises can be combined with another type of training or compose a routine in its own right. They are simple and they can be done at home. And the best part is that they don’t take you more than fifteen minutes.

  1. Classic squats

Start with the squats you already know how to do: the classics.

  1. Squats raising the leg to one side

Raising the leg to one side works the glutes.

  1. Sumo squats

This type of squat strengthens the torso and the glutes at the same time.

  1. “Sumo” squats with arm lift

This will add a touch of cardio to your routine.

  1. Squats by training the oblique muscles of the abdomen

Your size will thank you.

  1. Squats with jumps

By performing this exercise, you also tone the arm muscles.

  1. Squats “legs together”

This exercise prepares your body for the next exercise.

  1. “Pistol Squats”

It is a difficult exercise with a large weight on the knees. Therefore, do it carefully and don’t lower your body too much. To start, you can do it with a support.

  1. Curtsey Squats

In this exercise, many muscle groups are involved.

  1. Single Leg Squats

This exercise remarkably strengthens the calves, hips and glutes.

  1. Squats with a side step

It is also called “flaming posterior” because the muscles contract a lot.

  1. Jump squats

This exercise allows the muscles to rest after the previous static position, but it also helps to eliminate lactic acid and add a touch of cardio.