“Sagging” butt? It’s never too late to take charge and find a shapely and firm butt, even after 30 years. No more excuses, we are going to reveal exercises and simple tips to apply on a daily basis to counter the effects of time. You can finally get your skinny jeans out of the back of your closet!

Understand the anatomy of the glutes, to work them better
The largest and most powerful muscle in the human body, the gluteus is actually made up of three separate muscles. Each of them having very different functions, and will therefore be easier to target depending on the exercise performed. When we take the time to understand their anatomy and function, it becomes much easier to activate them and work on them until we achieve the desired shape. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle that gives this shapely appearance. It has two functions: thigh extensor, as well as lateral thigh rotator.

The gluteus medius is located below the gluteus maximus and on the side of the buttocks. It is the rotator of the leg and the abductor of the thigh.

Follow these few tips to apply at least three times a week and you will succeed in sculpting a beautiful well rounded glutes in record time.

Stay hydrated! Before, during and after your sessions. The water will help you drain your body and smooth your skin giving it that much desired firmness.

Tighten your butt! A tip that does not look like much, but is extremely effective. At any time of the day, remember to contract your glutes for 20 short seconds, then release. All you need is 12 repetitions, and the job is done!

Make lunges! Flagship exercise that allows you to work the entire posterior chain, simple to perform in addition! Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, then take a big step forward (without the knee going past your foot, back straight) then return to the starting position. Alternate legs until you complete 4 sets of 12 reps.

Do squats! Judged by bodybuilding professionals as the king of movements, this multi-joint exercise is extremely effective. Place your legs shoulder-width apart, lower your pelvis until you reach a 90º position, then come back up. The knee should never go beyond the toes. Perform this movement in 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

Do “Squat Jumps”! This is a variation of the traditional squat. When you find yourself at the bottom of your movement, go back up by performing a small jump! 30 to 50 repetitions, and hello steel glutes!

The stairs, your allies! Go up and down your stairs at medium speed about twenty times. It burns ? Hold on, the results are felt when you manage to surpass yourself!

Jump on the spot! Be sure to raise your knees. 30 to 50 repetitions and you’re done!

Be Aware of:

Continuous sitting is the sworn enemy of a shapely butt. With more than 8 hours a day sitting as part of our work, our car trips and our moments of relaxation slumped on a sofa, the gluteal muscle is little or not at all solicited. These prolonged periods of muscle inactivity result in a deactivation of the nerve connections that are supposed to activate the contraction of our beloved gluteus muscle.