fluffy chocolate mousse
serves 6 syns per serving 1
1 sachet gelatine
511g/1lb 2oz very low fat natural fromage frais
3 sachets cadbury highlights hot chocolate drink
4 level tbsp artificial sweetener
2 egg whites


sprinkle the gelatine into a bowl containing 100ml/3½fl oz of very hot water and stir well until dissolved. place the fromage frais in a large bowl and add the hot chocolate drink, mix well until dissolved. mix in the cooled gelatine. whisk the egg whites until they stand in stiff peaks, and then fold into the chocolate mixture. pour into dishes and chill well until set. * pregnant women, children and the elderly should not eat raw eggs

i made this today ands its lovely! i sprinkled a crushed funsize pack of maltesers (19.5g) over it too which really hit the spot for an extra 5 syns.