From Ottershaw, Sureyy, Matt Boothman lost 4 stones and is now reaping benefits of his hard work.
His girlfriend came home one time with the realization that she’s unhappy with her weight and that she would like to take him along the weight loss program. Being with him with the group would increase her chances of sticking with it and him being there is an added motivation. At the back of his mind, he himself needed to shed his own weight so he agreed.
“I work with a bunch of men, I socialize and play football with a bunch of men – it just didn’t seem like my kind of thing. Maybe that was the whole point, though. Perhaps doing something that was out of my comfort zone would finally give me the kick up the backside I needed to make some real changes.”
To his relief, the group consisted of not only women but few men also trying to change their unhealthy habits. He was also astonished when the consultant revealed that they could eat pasta, potatoes and the like without having to cut back the amount.
“A week of following Food Optimising, I nervously stepped back on the scales…and I’d lost 7lbs! The other men hadn’t stayed for IMAGE Therapy, so I felt a little self-conscious when it was my turn to share with the group. I told everyone how pleased I was that I’d already lost half a stone. ‘That’s fantastic,’ one of the ladies said. ‘How did you do it?’ ‘Well I’ve spent the whole week eating potatoes,’ I replied.
He and his girlfriend lost huge numbers in just a week and after 3 weeks of joining Slimming World, his weight reduced a stone. Choosing healthy alternatives meant eating more than he would actually do before.
“I particularly loved Slimming World versions of our old favorites, and spaghetti Bolognese became our signature dish. After years of being a fussy eater, I was enjoying the food I would never have tried before. I liked the taste of vegetables and started eating roasts and steaks – different types of meat instead of just burgers all the time – and cooking noodle and rice dishes. I’d never been a fan of curries, either, so it was a big surprise when I really started to like spice – now we love sitting down to a Slimming World curry!
Together with her girlfriend, the couple has lost 9 stones between them and were perfect on their wedding day.
“And we had the perfect opportunity to show off our new slimline figures in April when we got married. We’d even taken dance lessons so our first dance would be something everyone – including us – would remember… So, when they played our song – an acoustic version of Everytime We Touch by Cascada – we stepped onto the floor in front of our 120 guests with confidence. I don’t think anyone could believe it when we unleashed our well-rehearsed moves.”
He admitted that he’s never been more confident jetting out in swimming shorts when they’ve left for their honeymoon two days later after they’ve got married.
“It’s certainly changed things for the better. I still play football with the lads once or twice a week, and I’m enjoying it so much more now. Another big bonus for me is how much fitter I feel at work. Eventually, I did come clean with the lads that I was going to a Slimming World group, and there’s been no leg-pulling at all – I think the results speak for themselves.
He laughs at it whenever he recalls his doubt on trying to Slimming World and that he’s benefitted in more ways than one joining the weight loss program.