Of course, drinking water whenever you want is good for your body, but the right time makes water more beneficial.
Don’t limit yourself to drinking water at these times, although the following times are the best, but drinking water at any time is very helpful:

Immediately after waking up: Drinking water immediately after waking up, i.e. on an empty stomach, helps activate the internal organs and helps cleanse the body of sediment and helps get rid of constipation.

30 minutes after eating a meal: Drinking water after a specified period of eating is very helpful to improve and enhance the digestion process.

When you feel tired: Drinking water when you feel tired helps to recharge the body with energy and activity.

After exercise: When we exercise, our body loses large amounts of water and the heart rate becomes very fast. Drinking water after exercise helps to hydrate the body and restore a normal heart rate.

Before going to sleep: During our day, our body loses large amounts of fluid, so it is necessary to drink a quantity of water before going to bed to compensate for the fluid loss.

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