The term plaque refers to accumulation of food waste in both external and internal surfaces of the teeth. Besides causing bad breath, this condition may also lead to the development of other issues, such as sarro. Sarro develops dye to food waste which is hardened and causes halitosis and bleeding.
Even though dentists still don’t know how to prevent the development of plaque, they still offer some procedures which are said to reduce the accumulation of waste and thus prevent the disease from progressing.

Having yellow teeth is one of the most common characteristics of smokers and it is caused by accumulation of nicotine on the teeth. Those who chew snuff and drink a lot of coffee suffer from the same issue. It is worth mentioning that plaque is considered as an early stage of other, more serious issues like tooth decay or tooth loss.
Everyone should visit the doctor on every six months for a procedure called deep prophylaxis. Even though this procedure doesn’t cost a lot of money, people often skip it. If you are one of those people, you will be happy to learn that there is a way to remove plaque without going to the dentist.Home Remedy 1