This mega heatwave in the UK is too much for me so turned to my US friends for ideas to keep cool. I remember when I was in the US for a holiday last year at bars and restaurants I always chose the iced tea as a beverage it is so refreshing but had only seen pre prepared mixes which are packed with sugar around so asked for a recipe and this is the most basic one I found and its fab so delicious and cooling.
4 teabags (any ones just good old PG tips or any will do)
4 pints cold water
lemon juice
In a large jug place the 4 tea bags in the cold water and put in the fridge overnight,
In the morning stir well and remove the teabags and then serve the iced tea over ice cubes and add sweetener and lemon juice to taste and stir well,
I like 2 tsp stevia sweetener and 1 tbsp lemon juice per serving but you can adjust it to how you like it. (My daughter likes it with more sweetener, )
So refreshing and delicious : )
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