Leanne said that she was never particularly slim but she managed to keep in shape by being active and doing lots of exercises. When she got injured, a cruciate ligament tore in her knee, that’s when she started to develop unhealthy habits.
Since then she has gained 2 and a half stone in less than 8 months and her dietary control was nonexistent. Her meals were always in huge volume. She ate chocolate cakes on snacks and have wine to cheer herself up in the evenings.
Looking at her pictures with her friends on facebook made her gain weight even more apparent.
“At the time, I was living with my boyfriend. I knew neither of us was happy in the relationship but I was scared to end it as I thought I would never meet anyone else,” she exclaimed.
She tried various weight-loss programs from calorie counting to replacing meals but she somehow didn’t manage to stick with any of those.
She decided to join Slimming World when her friend Charli has lost a bit of weight herself following the said program.
At first she was hesitant. She said “I felt a bit intimidated at the thought of cooking from scratch. I was used to tipping my bolognese sauce out of a jar – the idea of making my own never occurred to me.”
“But thanks to all the advice and helpful chat at group, I learned a huge amount. Now whipping up a healthy home-made meal is second nature.
The plan worked – quickly! I lost 4lbs in the first week and after a month, I’d lost a stone. People started to compliment me.”
Thanks to the overwhelming support of her friends and family, and the confidence she has obtained though her Slimming World journey, she pulled away from the unhappy relationship and moved back home.
“Then last summer I persuaded another friend, Aimee, to join. She wanted to lose weight before a holiday and now the three of us encourage one another all the time.
We cook meals for each other and often eat out together. It’s a big help to have close friends who understand why it’s important to you – particularly when everyone else is ordering dessert or another round of drinks.
And if one of us feels tempted by a slice of cake or large glass of wine, we’ll text the other two for moral support.”, she disclosed.
She confessed that she still enjoys a treat or two on Saturdays after she’s been to groups but she’d opt for a healthy swap changing the wine and beer for spirits and low-calorie mixers.
“I feel so much fitter and healthier now.”, she proudly expressed.
The big weight loss helped her speed up her recovery from the operation to fix her knee.
“And I’ve had a lovely time replacing my wardrobe. These days it’s so nice to be able to choose outfits because I like them, not just because they’ll fit.”
Leanne in delight stated that her confidence is growing more and more and she’s now in a relationship with someone who makes her feel great about herself.