I’m not a huge fan of desserts, but my kids were bugging me for ice-cream and so I came up with this ‘instant’ low-syn version. You do need a fairly heavy-duty food processor to make this – don’t try it with a blender (it didn’t work!).
Remember when you’re making this that pureed fruit isn’t syn-free. I used raspberries to make the ice cream in the picture – this method should work with any frozen fruits but the syns may vary.
Serves 2
1 syn per portion on Extra Easy, Original and Green

200g frozen fruit (still frozen, not defrosted) e.g. raspberries (approx 2 syns)
100g fat free yogurt (I used natural yogurt, I think it could work well with a vanilla flavoured variety but check the syns)
sweetener, to taste
Simply blitz all of of the ingredients together in a food processor until smooth and sweeten to taste. Serve immediately (I don’t think it would freeze well).

Credits : Lowsynlife.com