Makes 22 cakes
0.43 syns each (without topping)
1tsp baking powder (1/22=0.04 syn per cake)
3 eggs (ff)
11g packet of “Options” Belgian choc flavour (2 /22=0.09syns per cake)
50g Self Raising flour (8 /22= 0.3syns per cake)
80ml/ 1/3 cup sweetener
* toppings
M & M’s Limited Edition jubilee colours (1/2 syn each one)
Separate the egg yolks & whites into bowls, using a hand blender whip the whites until you get “white peaks”, it takes about 5 mins!
In another bowl add the flour. Belgian chocolate, baking powder & sweetener, mix together, add the egg & mix to a smooth paste, add two spoons of the beaten whites to ensure a smooth mix, fold in the whites carefully, one spoon at a time.
On a tray place 22 fairy size cake cases, spoon the mix into each one, filling 2/3 full.
In a preheated oven at 170C place the cakes on a middle shelf & cook for 10 mins, when nicely browned remove & place on a wire rack to cool, when cool decorate as you like!
(I used M& M’s limited edition jubilee coloured ones)
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book