I I realise that some of you will have zero interest in ‘diet’ posts let alone slimming world and I will try to limit them but I assure you ANYONE of you will enjoy this! My entire family eats it, kids included! If you ARE following SW it’s free from what can tell but feel free to correct me in the comments as I know things change all the time. On to the recipe.. Oh and FYI I cook everything at 200.. I’m not sure my oven has another option..

know breaded chicken is just that but I never realised how easy it would be to make. It’s literally just breadcrumbs.. the chefs among you may scoff but before you make it for yourself how would you know? I used my hand blender and 3 small pieces of brown bread to make my crumbs and garlic salt, oregano, paprika and pepper to season them. I’ve made this a few times now and I have no measurements for the seasoning, the first time I thought I’d gone WAY overboard with the paprika but it still tasted great so honestly I don’t think you have to worry too much, a little of each.

To bread the chicken I dipped each piece in egg (which I’d beaten) and then onto the breadcrumbs (on a plate seemed easier but y’know.. whatever you want) and then on to a baking tray which I’d sprayed with fry light. 20 minutes in the oven (turning half way) and they’re done. Seriously yummy – even good heated up the next day but I know some people are funny about reheating chicken – I’m not.
The chips need little explanation, chopped, salted, sprayed.. 20 minutes (maybe 30.. depends how big you cut them/how many you’re cooking) and they’re crisp and delicious. I never thought they’d be as good as regular chips but they are!
I serve it with beans (and on this occasion corn) to keep the ‘KFC’ feel and there you go. All yummy and entirely guilt free. I do miss the gravy but the beans will do and honestly the chicken is so good you wont believe you made it yourself – or maybe you’re a great cook and it will come as no surprise.
Let me know if you try it or better still if you have any variations or other ‘fakeaway’ recipes to share!
from : http://missbudgetbeauty.co.uk/