I had surgery recently on my arm and so am staying at my sisters for a few days for a bit of a rest and so we did a little experimenting in the kitchen. (Hi Sue!!)  I love philadelphia cheese and even though the light and lightest versions are quite good for ‘syns’ this method of making a philadelphia type cheese is completely syn free as you use fat free greek yogurt to make it which I buy in my local ASDA.
You don’t need a lot of gadgets just some kitchen roll, a sieve and a jug (use a plastic sieve as metal can react with the yogurt ). This time I flavoured it with chopped spring onions and salt and pepper but you could use any herbs, chopped chives would be lovely or some chili or just use a little salt and or pepper. It takes a day or so to make but its not a lot of work .
I used the cheese to fill some vegetables this time just right for your 8pm snack time if you are anything like me that’s when you start fancying something to eat when watching TV!
1 large pot fat free greek yogurt
salt and pepper
herbs or seasonings as you prefer
kitchen roll
plastic sieve
Line the sieve with four layers of kitchen roll and put the yogurt in this and place over the jug. Stand this on a plate in your fridge in case it drips.
Leave overnight and the next day change to some fresh kitchen roll and repeat the process leave until it stops dripping the clear whey into the jug usually this takes another 24 hours.
Finally tip the drained yogurt into a bowl and mix in the seasonings just add a little at a time and keep tasting you can always add more but you cant take it out if you add too much.
Credit : http://vicki-kitchen.blogspot.com