Serves 2
½ tsp garlic salt
½ tsp oregano
1 Chicken breast, sliced horizontally (p)
1 Rasher of smoked back bacon (p)
1 Tbsp. all season spice (or similar)
2 Tbsp. Sainsbury’s B.G.T.Y mayonnaise (0.5 syns per person)
2 Sainsbury’s B.G.T.Y lean Cumberland sausages (2 syn/2=1 syn per person)
2 x 800g stale wholemeal bread (2Heb/2=1 Heb per person)
2 Sainsbury’s lighter cheese slices (4 syns/2=2 syns per person)
2 x 60g Wholemeal baps (2x Heb/2=1 Heb per person OR 6 syns per person)
3 Eggs (p)


Dry the bread in an oven, remove & reduce to breadcrumbs, set aside. Leave oven at 180C.
Break 1 egg in a bowl, whisk well, and set aside.
Cut each sausage lengthways & remove skin, place in a bowl, add garlic salt & oregano, mix well & with wet hands, form into burgers, cook in a frying pan, add the bacon rasher, cut into half, sprayed with frylight until cooked, break an egg in a bowl, whisk well & pour into an egg ring, cook until set.
set aside & keep warm. On a separate cutting board, place the chicken breast on it & cut horizontally almost completely through, open out & beat down until its 1cm thick. Using a pastry cutter, (or similar) cut two round pieces of chicken, the size of the Bap. Dip in the egg, then the breadcrumbs, place on greaseproof paper, on a flat tray.
Cut the leftover chicken into small pieces & dip them also, add to the tray, chill for 10 mins in the freezer to harden, cook in the pre-heated oven at 180C for 20-30 mins depending on thickness, turn over at half time.
Slice the baps, chop the lettuce, place the lettuce on one half of the bap, add the cheese, on the other side 1egg, bacon, and burger & close the Bap.
On the other bap add the lettuce, chicken & mayo, close the Bap.
Add the chicken dippers to the plate & enjoy!