Ingredients :
ok so after trawling the net to try n find a low syn cheese sauce for making cauliflower cheese i decided to get inventive
heres what i came up with
Method :
350 ml skimmed milk topped up to 375 with water (hex a)
135g reduced fat cheddar (3 hex a)
25 g sr flour (4 syns) plain flour is 4.5 syns dont know why?
1tsp bouillon powder or a veg stock cube (free)
mix flour with some of the milk then whisk with rest of milk in a pan add bouillon powder and a little pepper
simmer until thick then add cheese and stirr until melted
i poured mine over a bag of frozen cauli that i steamed then oven baked it
so for a quarter of the sauce its one hex a and a syn not bad eh