Fat burner, detox, appetite suppressant… To lose a few centimeters of waistline, you need to eat a balanced diet and use the right foods to accelerate your weight loss. Some of them have a formidable efficiency to boost our metabolism! Here are 10 of them.

To lose a few pounds, without giving up your favorite sin (the square of chocolate that makes you melt…), some fruits and vegetables are precious allies. Their means of action? They deceive hunger, accelerate the metabolism and thus make it possible to burn fat and eliminate. Another advantage: these foods are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins… to stay in great shape.

Fruits and vegetables that make you lose weight
1/ Zucchini.
Low in calories (about 13 kcal per 100 g), it is rich in potassium. Its low sodium content makes it an excellent diuretic food. Another advantage: to be digested, zucchini requires a lot of energy. Eat it raw, cooked, as often as you like.

2/ Eggplant. Have you ever noticed its ability to absorb fat when cooked in a pan? Well, you see, it does the same thing in our bodies. Rich in pectin, it traps fats and helps us eliminate them… provided that it is cooked without fat. To be consumed without moderation.

3/ Cabbage. If it is the staple of many slimming soups, it is for a good reason: cabbage is a “negative calorie” food. In other words, you burn more calories by eating it than you take in! Another advantage: it burns fat and acts as a diuretic. Eat it every day, at lunch or dinner.
4/ Celery. It is rarely cooked, but it has many slimming benefits. It is low in calories and helps fight against water retention, orange peel skin and cellulite. Powerful antioxidant, it favors the elimination of toxins, captures fats and improves the intestinal transit. To be eaten raw, three to four times a week.
5/ Pineapple. Rich in fiber, it contains bromelain, an enzyme with a diuretic and anti-cellulite effect, which helps eliminate fat. Consume four to five times a week.

6/ Lemon. Full of fiber and vitamin C, it is also rich in pectins, which act as an appetite suppressant and prolong the feeling of fullness. Note: it stimulates digestion and detoxification, and burns fat. To be consumed in juice, every morning, in the morning.
7/ Strawberry. Juicy and sweet, it is also one of the most effective slimming fruits because it is very diuretic. It promotes the elimination of fats and thus favors weight loss. To consume without moderation.

The best slimming herbs, spices and cereals
8/ Parsley.
Many detox cocktails are made with parsley. Why do they use parsley? Because this herb promotes elimination. In addition, it regulates the appetite, thus limiting the fat intake.
9/ Cinnamon. It has been the subject of scientific studies proving its effectiveness in reducing blood sugar levels. However, sugar, consumed in too large quantities, is transformed into fat. As a result, cinnamon captures fats. Note that it also replaces sugar in your desserts. Think about it!
10/ Oat bran. This is the most effective cereal for our figure. The fiber it contains has a double action: it improves transit and traps fat. Practical, isn’t it? Eat it without moderation at breakfast or as a snack, in a low-fat yogurt, for example.