150g Sainsbury’s extra lean escalope’s (beef) (ff) sliced when cool
Iceberg lettuce (s) (sff)
1 Tomato (s) (sff) sliced
1 Cucumber (s) (sff) sliced
1 Chicory (s) (sff) sliced
2 hard boiled egg (ff) sliced
3-4 Cooked salad potatoes (ff)
45g low fat cheddar cheese (1Hea)
1tbsp Sainsbury’s “be good to yourself” mayonnaise ½ syn
1tbsp Branston 1syn
Hard boil the egg for 6 mins and allow to cool, Heat a frying pan sprayed with Fry Light and cook the beef for 5 mins each side, remove and rest for 5 mins, then slice thinly, set aside.
Prepare your lettuce, tomato, cucumber & chicory on a plate, add the meat , potato, cheese & egg.
Add * extra’s if required
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book