I adore pancake day and was a bit sad today to get a text from one of my daughters friends now at uni saying “I should be at your house eating pancakes” reminds me of the years and years I stood by the cooker making loads of pancakes for my kids and their friends.
Sooo this year with no one at home wanting pancakes thought would make my own slimming world friendly version for me and granted they arent exactly the same as the traditional ones but they arent half bad and now this year found a secret weapon to make them even better….
syn free pancake syrup!!
Its from Waldens farms (google it) and it is a pretty good substitute for ordinary syrup not exactly the same but damn close and makes the syn free pancakes and syrup a really yum syn free treat.
1 egg
2 tsp sweetener
spray oil
In two small bowls separate the white from the yolk of the egg.
whisk the white until frothy
whisk the sweetener into the yolk.
Using a metal spoon gently fold the yolk mixture into the whisked white.
spray a small frying pan with oil over a medium heat and add half the mixture, Fry for a minute or so until cooked underneath then gently turn the pancake over.
Place on a plate and repeat the process.
Serve with the sugar free syrup (if you can get it) …..or else lovely with fresh fruit like bananas or berries and some 0% fat greek yogurt …
Syn free …
Oh and texted her back we’ll have a belated pancake day when they are both home from uni for Easter : )
Credit : http://vicki-kitchen.blogspot.com