4 syns (if hifi bar is not used as part of healthy extra b)
1 syn (if hifi bar is used as part of healthy extra b)
To prepare this amazing and deliciousYou’ll need:
5 tbsp Quark (free)
1 tbsp Choc Shot (1 syn)
2 tbsp Sweetener (free)
1 Rocky Road* hifi bar (3 syns or half healthy extra b)
6 Strawberries (free)
*You can use any hifi bar, but be sure to check the syn value
1. Mix all the quark with the Choc shot until creamy
2. Add the sweetener and stir until it has combined with the quark
3. Roughly chop the hifi bar and strawberries into small chunks
4. Layer the ingredients in a glass dish by starting with the quark mix, then hifi bar, then strawberries
5. Repeat until you have used all the ingredients.
This can be eaten as a snack between meals or served as a desert. Strawberries are a speed food, so you are getting your 1/3 quota with this recipe.
Credit : Slimming World Diaries (Sarah)