When I was in the US at one of the restaurants we had some wonderful mashed potatoes really creamy but with texture and you could tell they had been mashed with the skins on, Looking into this it really does seem the variety of potato you use to do this makes all the difference. For mashed potatoes you need a floury type of potato not a waxy type. For example new potatoes are a ‘waxy’ type which is why they are good in dishes like potato salad because they hold their shape and dont break up. Mashed potatoes need a floury potato like maris piper which go fluffy and break up when mashed. In our local ASDA supermarket I found a variety called ‘marabel’ which said they were excellent for mashing and had a creamy texture¬† and as I wanted to mash them with the skins they looked like they had a thin skin which is what I wanted.
I love sour cream and chive mashed potatoes but they are of course mega high in syns so there must be a way to make them that tasty but wthout the syns. Once again quark to the rescue this practically non fat soft cheese tastes of nothing but takes on flavours both sweet and savoury really well. It was a great success, very creamy tasty mashed potatoes with texture and the chives give it a slight oniony taste and all syn free : )
I used my kitchenaid to mash the potatoes but you can easily mash by hand.
Rustic mashed potatoes
2lb floury white potatoes like marabel or maris piper
1 tub quark
1/2 bunch fresh chives (snipped into small pieces)
salt and pepper
Cut up potatoes into smallish pieces with the skins still on and boil in lots of salted water until they are soft.
Drain well and place back in pan (or in kitchenaid bowl if mashing in that) . Add the quark, chives and salt and pepper. Mash well until everything is mixed well together, Taste in case you need more salt or pepper.
Leftovers make stunning bubble and squeak or potato cakes too : )