Serves 4


1 Knorr herb stockpot
1tbsp dried basil
4 Sainsbury’s “be good to yourself” low fat Cumberland sausages (0.5syn each) (ff)
4 smoked bacon rashers cut into small pieces (ff)
2 leeks, sliced into 10mm sections (s)(sff)
120g frozen peas (ss)(ff)
150g button mushrooms (s)(sff)
400g cannellini beans (s)(ff)
400g chopped tomatoes (s)(sff)
1tbsp sweetener
200mL passata (s)(sff)

In a frying pan, sprayed with Fry Light, cook the sausage & button mushrooms for 10 mins until the sausages is part cooked, remove from the pan & cut each one into 4 pieces, set aside.

Cook the bacon until crisp & add the leeks, cook for 5 mins.

Return the sausage & mushrooms to the pan, add the stockpot & mix.

Add the tomatoes, sweetener, dried basil & passata, simmer for 10 mins then add the cannellini beans, cook until the sausages are cooked, add the peas 5 mins before finishing. Serve with rice.