(Chicken cooked in yogurt)
(Loosely based on the recipe in SW curry heaven)
Serves 2
450g skinless chicken breasts (ff)
125g fat free natural yogurt (ff)
1tsp ground cumin
1tsp ground coriander
1tsp Chinese 5 spice
½ tsp hot madras curry powder
5 cardamom seeds
1tbsp fennel seeds
1 cinnamon stick
1tbs cornflower mixed with 1tbsp of water (1.5 syns)
*100ml hot water
* 1tbsp Mango Chutney (1.5 syns)
Season the chicken with salt & pepper & set aside.
Put the yogurt in a small glass dish and mix with the cornflower (to prevent the yogurt splitting), also set aside.
Spray a large frying pan with Fry Light & add the fennel seeds, cardamom seeds & cinnamon stick, cook on a high heat until the aroma can be smelt (about 2-3 mins) add the other spices, mix together & add the chicken and brown on both sides, reduce the heat to low and add the yogurt, mix well and simmer for 25 mins with a lid on the frying pan.
Remove the lid *and add the water a small amount at a time and mix it well only if the mixture is too dry and you want more liquid, cook for a further 5 mins until it thickens, turning the chicken to coat it all over.
Allow it to stand with the heat off for 5 mins before serving .
Remove the cinnamon stick before eating.
Have it with rice (ff) and a side salad (s)sff).
* If you like a sweeter taste add the chutney.