Cheryl Blythe was 31 when she decided she needed to make a change. This came shortly after a doctor told her that if she didn’t do something about her weight, she would be in a wheelchair by age 45. Not such a good thing for a mother of two small children.
It was a near impossible mountain to climb. She was 339 pounds. She couldn’t fit into chairs, she lost breath easily, and she was incredibly unhealthy.
Cheryl actually turned down Gastric Bypass surgery when her doctor offered her this treatment. She wanted to do it the hard way, by learning how to live healthy and setting a good example for her children. What an awesome woman.
How do you from looking like a balloon to a smokin’ hot blonde? Cheryl lost a whopping 200 pounds, without surgery, either. The main reason she got so overweight was because she ate a lot of burgers and fries. So that’s what she decided to change: her diet.

She started with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. She would have bacon, mushrooms, eggs and tomatoes, but she would remove all the fat from the bacon. She also cut out sugar.
Lunches went from a chicken sandwich with mayo to a homemade baked potato with chili. After making these changes to her diet and sticking with it, she lost 100 pounds and she was finally mobile enough to exercise. From that point on, it was easy. She worked out hard, and lost the weight until eventually she weighed 140 pounds.