5 eggs (separated)
40 g reduced fat cocoa (6 syns) (other cocoa may be different syns)
5-6 heaped dessertspoons of sweetener (sucralose ones are best for cooking with)

whisk up the egg whites to stiff peaks

in another bowl whisk the cocoa with yolks and sweetener
carefully fold the choc mix into the egg whites (with a metal spoon)(helps keep air in)

bake in a lined roulade tin that’s been sprayed with frylite for around 20 min at 150 or until springy to touch

for the filling I mixed a tub of quark with a cherry 0% fat activea and sweetener spread it on and sprinkled defrosted frozen cherries on


Or you can use different filling or substitute the cocoa for flour (don’t forget to syn it) and add vanilla essence for a vanilla sponge

I made a choc roulade and filled with coconut flavoured quark and chopped peaches the other day so many combinations