Since I last posted about my Slimming World journey so far I haven’t kept my promise that I would start posting my favourite recipes. I honestly feel like this year is already flying by, its so scary, but i am going to make more of an effort to do these posts as its part of life now. So here we have it today my first ever Slimming World recipe post for a new favourite of mine, Baked Oats.

Now let me just say i cannot take the credit for this recipe. Over the last week i have seen it all over my instagram feed and this is all thanks to the inspirational consultant Phoebe Court aka @swfeebs. She was inspired by a post on another instagram fitness page and decide to food optimise the recipe for all us Slimming Worlders out there! The results…well they are absolutely amazing, this recipe has such a low syn value yet it feels like an absolute treat. I have seen so many people adding all different toppings like banana, nutella, orange, cherries etc… the options are endless. In fact I think this could also be made as a really lovely dessert!