It’s a beautiful sunny day here today (not for long rain due again tomorrow!) so thought would make a Summery recipe. This sparkling jelly is easy to make, looks stunning and is completely syn free too.
Don’t be worried about using the leaf gelatine it really is easy to use and is readily available to buy in most supermarkets. I love Nigellas description of the sheets of gelatine as looking like ‘fairytale castle windows’ which I think they do too.
I used a can of sprite zero for the sparkle but you can use any sugar free pop and fruit variation like oranges and orange fanta maybe but beware if using fresh pineapple or kiwi they can stop a jelly from setting.
The glasses I used were quite big and I made 3 jellies from this.
6oz mixed berries (I used defrosted frozen ones)
1 x 330ml can sprite zero
3 leaves of gelatine
Place the berries into glasses and set aside, Put the gelatine leaves in a shallow dish cover with cold water and leave for 5 minutes for the gelatine to soften.
When the gelatine has softened remove the softened sheets from the water and place them in a microwavable jug (throw away the leftover cold water).
Microwave the gelatine in a microwave for just 10 seconds until it is liquid then take out of the microwave and GENTLY add the can of pop to the jug and stir slowly to try to stop it fizzing up too much. It will fizz up a bit but just leave it for a few minutes to settle down then pour the mixture over the berries.
Place in the fridge to set .
Syn free on extra easy
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