Serves 2
1 Broccoli Head , cut into florets (s) (sff)
1 Cup of frozen peas (ff)
1 tbsp. Tomato puree (s) (sff)
2 Spicy Chicken breasts (*Bobs) (ff)
2 Potatoes cut into quarters (ff)
2 Onions, cut in half (s) (sff)
2 Carrots cut into 5cm pieces (s) (sff)
50g Snap peas (s) (sff)
100mL Chicken stock
* Option
100g Red cabbage (s) (sff)
100g Butternut squash (s) (sff)
* Bob Willock Butchers 251 Longmore Rd. Shirley. Solihull B90 3ER 0121-744-2194
Part cook the potatoes for 5 mins, remove then drain, return to the pan then add any seasoning of your choice, shake to distribute evenly. On a flat tray, sprayed with frylight, lay out the potatoes, carrots & onions. Place in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 30mins or until the potatoes are browned.
Place the chicken in a shallow oven-proof and place in the oven.
In a saucepan, cook the broccoli & peas for 5 mins, drain, cover & set aside.
Heat a saucepan of chicken stock, add 1tbsp tomato puree to thicken, reduce the heat and cook until it thickens.
Plate up.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book