Makes 4
1 egg for dipping (ff)
1 tsp basil
1 tsp parsley
1 tsp English mustard powder
1 tbsp hot paprika
4 small eggs (ff)
4 Sainsbury’s “Be good to yourself” extra lean Cumberland sausages (0.5 syn per sausage)
6 tbsp Couscous (ff)
Sprinkle of garlic salt
Bring water to a boil with the eggs in; reduce the heat to a simmer for 6 mins. Remove and run under cold water until the eggs are cool, set aside.
De-skin the sausages and mix in a bowl with garlic salt, parsley, mustard, basil & paprika.
Lay out a piece of Clingfilm and place the meat on it, cover with a second piece of film and using a roller reduce to a thickness of about 4-5 mm.
Take the shells of the eggs, remove the top piece of film and roll one egg on the meat until it is covered, cut from the rest of the meat, wet your hands and roll the egg in your hand until it’s all covered & smooth, set aside until all are done.
In a bowl tip couscous and in another one egg beaten with a whisk. Take one scotch egg and dip into the egg mix, then the couscous then set to one side on a plate, when completed place all the eggs into the fridge for 30 mins to firm up.
Heat the oven to 180c and transfer the eggs to an oven-proof dish, cook for 25-30 mins until cooked & browned. Remove & allow to cool.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book