Serves 4
250g Mong/Moong Beans, soaked for 24hrs (s)(ff)
300ml Passata (s)(sff)
50g mozzarella cheese, cut into slices
Chorizos slices 0.5 syn each
1 Red pepper (s)
1 chilli, deseeded (s)

Soak the mung/moong beans for a minimum 24 hrs, changing the water several times, drain through a sieve, save the water.
Place into a food processor and if the beans don’t appear to liquidise add water until they do.
Pour into a small frying pan sprayed with Fry Light and cook for about 4 mins then turn over and cook the other side. Allow to cool.
Put Passata in a pan enough to cover Pizza base, add 1 TSP Tomato Puree and a few drops of “Worcester Sauce”, heat till thickened but DO NOT BOIL.
Coat the Pizza base with the Passata,
Add your choice of “Toppings”
Preheat the oven to 200c and using an oven mat place on the middle shelf for 20 mins or until the toppings are cooked.