Hey Slimmers,
Well I have been good today, all on plan. Had a yummy “fry-up” for breakfast and some free soup for lunch, which I will post the recipe for tomorrow probably. And then oh my word I had the most AMAZING burger ever, I’m drooling thinking about it and I just ate it

It was very similar to the burger here but I didn’t add egg, breadcrumbs or herbs but instead added some pickled jalapeno’s when mixing it all together in the food processor and probably a little bit more liquid beef stock but it was soooo tasty! I then added cheese (HEA), fried onion and a bacon medallion.
This was all on a warburtons thins bun which is about 4 syns but I cheated and called it my HEB since I had a bite of my daughters toast this morning(cheating I know before anyone says it but I am not that strict!) I also added a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce at about 1 syn. This was all served with garlic and herb wedges and some coleslaw to make up my 1/3 superfree. You can find the recipe for that here
You HAVE to make this, just have to!