During the winter months the body tends to increase accumulation of adipose tissue, which is contributing by greatly reduced physical activity and fatty snacks. We become aware of critical zonesaround the waist with the first hint of warmer days. Instead of thinking how to cover the traces of winter with fashion allies, we give you the juice which in a duet with exercise will remove them fast.
Ingredients for acidic juice: – 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar – 1/8 tablespoon cayenne pepper – Juice and zest of one lemon

Rub the lemon zest and drizzle with 1 cup of hot water. After 10 minutes, add lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a bit of chili peppers. Mix before each sip, and drink before and after meals. Cayenne pepper – will improve the digestion of food, speed up metabolism and stimulate fat burning. Namely its ingredient capsaicin stimulates the nervous system to produce heat in the body that promotes the accelerated consumption of calories. Lemon – contains a substance that slows the deposition of fat and lemon peel contains policosanol – type of sugar that helps the burning of accumulated fat. Apple cider vinegar – regularly consuming moderate amounts of apple cider vinegar helps dissolve fat in the body. Vinegar in fact contains natural acids that dissolve the toxins are washed and undigested food from the intestines.